About Unified Training & Management

Unified Training & Management is an organization that caters to the nation’s need of having high skilled human capital in industries that we believe are currently blooming. Incorporated in 2015, we have trained and coached many representatives from industries as well as academic institutions. Among the participants of our training sessions were representatives from PLUS Malaysia Berhad, JKR Sarawak, Sunway Construction, Putrajaya Holdings, Kolej Politeknik Ibrahim Sultan, UiTM Shah Alam and many others. We have also contributed to events organized by CIDB, appearing as one of the guest speakers to talk about BIM software. Other than CIDB, we have invited representatives from JKR (Jabatan Kerja Raya) BIM Unit to contribute to our training as well. This is because we believe that the inclusion of members from the governing bodies in Malaysia is important to ensure that our training stay relevant to the demands of the industry to separate us from our competitors.

All software training that we provide are mainly from Autodesk. The products that are within our range are AutoCAD, Revit Architecture, Revit MEP, Revit Structure, 3DS Max and Fusion 360. Our training approach is very different to any other ATC that you can find, as the modules used by us already went through thorough inspections by our instructors, despite most of them being Autodesk Official Press media. We feel that in order to create the desired human capital for the local industry and abroad, we have to assist our participants in relating to real-life problems instead of make believe.

Our training approach relies on the participants hands-on experience in executing the commands, with short but frequent interjections of theoretical explanations, as you would find in any credible institutes of higher education. Our method of teaching is highly influenced by the methods used in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, as the Managing Director of this company, Mr. Iyas Mahzan himself is a graduate from the university and is adamant in keeping the well preserved traditions of passing down knowledge in a pure manner, as reflected in our motto; ‘Dei Sapientia Humana Scienta’ or God’s Wisdom, Human Knowledge. Our training does not stop at the end of the class. Once completed, you will be allowed to join our support group, where all previous and existing professionals exist for you to discuss on any problems available. Our instructors are also easy to approach and are open to problems, as long as they get to learn something new as well.

Our Autodesk Statuses

As an Authorized Training Center, we are legally qualified based on Autodesk standards to provide the training for their products, up to a level that is internationally recognized. Satisfaction and competency is almost guaranteed.

As an Authorized Certification Center, it is within our jurisdiction to distribute official Autodesk Certificates for the training that we conduct. Our certificates are legitimate, and are valuable anywhere in the world.

Why Join Our Training?

Enhance Your Skills

Join our training and you will get to learn many of the things you were never exposed to using our perfectly structured syllabus and materials. Execute commands, get involved in discussions to know the current best practices in the industry and become a competent user at the end of the training. Computers are provided on site.

Get Professionally Certified

Sit for the Professional Examination to stand a chance of obtaining your very own Autodesk Certified Professional for the software of your choice. Professional Certificate means that you are qualified to be seen as a high-skilled user and are knowledgeable enough to use the software to it’s fullest potential.

Improve Your Value

Stand above the rest by being recognized as one of the selected few holders of these certificates. With your profile already available in the database, everyone can see you as their potential desired employee. Become part of the professional community under our continuous learning module and support.

Location & Facilities

If you are interested in visiting us or having a meet, we are located and reachable through here:

Unified Training & Management,
Office of UTM Holdings Sdn Bhd,
Block J2, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia,
Jalan Sultan Yahya Petra,
54100 Kuala Lumpur

Phone :
+60 13-399 9055
+60 18-914 4049
Email : [email protected]
Facebook : www.facebook.com/utnm.my