Building Information Modeling (BIM) – Malaysia Moving Forward

There is a general understanding or the lack thereof regarding Building Information Modeling in Malaysia. Building Information Modeling (BIM) is not just a software. Let us be clear about that. BIM is a concept – an idea that has turned into a set of practices with the assistance of technology. The core idea is to develop and construct the desired building completely in the virtual and digital world before proceeding with real-life construction. This allows you to estimate, plan, and project forward of any upcoming situations, reducing the risk, cost and project delivery time. BIM is an upgrade to an already existing system in Malaysia. Previously, project management is only efficiently applicable if there is a project considering the amount of people you need in collaboration and as we all know it, more people, more cost. With BIM, anyone can explore the potential of any upcoming project or ideas without having to commit to the project yet. Everything is scalable, and BIM removes the tedious tasks and problems that consume a lot of precious project hours. In order to achieve this, you need skilled workers with enough capacity to operate the BIM tools required. Now let’s investigate the current events of BIM in Malaysia, and how you can get involved.

How Building Information Modeling Can Help You Grow?

BIM is heavily introduced in Malaysia due to the authorities’ confidence in the benefit the practice can provide to the local construction industry. Compared to the rest of the world, we are severely behind in the adoption of construction technology and knowledge, and CIDB is here to change that by promoting awareness and holding BIM sessions with registered contractors. We support their decision of stepping up to the world with BIM as our platform and as a representative of one of the top BIM software manufacturer; Autodesk, we seek to help out in spreading the awareness and practices as well. BIM in Malaysia has already been implemented in many projects endorsed and monitored by the governing bodies like JKR and CIDB. The biggest project that is implementing BIM in Malaysia is the MRT/Rapid/LRT railway projects.

BIM Implementation – Which Role Are You Playing?

Individuals – Draftsmen, Architects, M&E engineers etc.

• Expands the capabilities of one person – wider scope of work
• International level of technology – work at home, or work abroad
• In-demand skill – multiple job opportunities

Small – Medium Companies (Building Consultants, Facility Management etc.)

• Add more to what your company can do – without hiring more people
• Improve your marketability – visualizations and customer relation
• Increase your chances of getting awarded with a project
• Establish and order to your business – efficient management

Big Companies – Multi-department Developers, Clients, Project Delivery Partners

• Improve your workforce efficiency – faster delivery, better delegation of work
• Proper documented trails – Keep track on coming, current and past projects
• Work on multiple big projects – with the same team or multiple smaller teams
• Upscale the performance of each department in your company – everyone can benefit.

Local Authorities – Governing Bodies, Standards, Submission

• Document submission and verification can be made faster
• Drawing and models will be kept with a better traceability
• Town planning: Studies, research, project commissioning

Contents are taken from Unified Training & Management’s experience in conducting training, attending seminars, presenting at conferences both on a local and international construction events. Most of the contents are based on our presentation during CIDB – MyCREST 2016 BIM Road Tour events.

Why Train With An Autodesk Training Center?

An Autodesk Training Center is a licensed Autodesk partner responsible in providing training with strict adherence to the standards set by the developers of all their products. Unified Training & Management have been an Autodesk Training Center in Malaysia for years running, and we are confident enough to say that for BIM products under Autodesk, we are one of the best around. We set ourselves apart by having dedicated trainers who focus more on developing their knowledge on the software, and then collaborate with each other to test and simulate recommended Autodesk workflows for all the products that we train.

Apart from that, our prices are highly competitive, and you can see all of it by clicking here. Our materials are among the best, and are usually based on whatever that Autodesk recommends.

The Autodesk Certified Professional Courses and Certification

Here in Unified Training & Management, we offer nothing but quality, and because of that, our certificates are legitimate, official Autodesk Certificates. There are at most two different certificates that you can get when you join our Autodesk Certified Professional Course. The first one is the Official Certificate of Completion from Autodesk, for both Level 1 (Beginner) and Level 2 (Intermediate). These two are the ones that you will definitely get once you complete the whole package of any software of choice. The second one is the most coveted one, which is the Autodesk Certified Professional Certificate, of which to obtain, you MUST sit for and pass the Professional Examination. All tests are computer based, and is only able to be done at Authorized Testing Centers.

The examination is used as a benchmark on what the industry can expect from an Autodesk Certified Professional. With that in mind, it certainly is an amazing added value to your profile, best for both fresh graduates and existing professionals alike.

Why Train With Unified Training & Management?

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    Affordable Price

    All packages cover meals, book/module, computers, Official Certificates and lastly, KNOWLEDGE FOR A LIFETIME.

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    Official HRDF Training Center

    If your company is registered with HRDF, you can come and train with us by claiming from the Human Resource Development Fund.

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    Autodesk Certified Professional Certification

    We are a registered Certification Center. Get your certificates printed on the very day you pass.

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    Highly Experienced In-House Instructors

    Our instructors are all in-house, UT&M appointed and approved. It’s not easy. They have to take the exam every year, and PASS. They did, and so will you.

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    Amazing Facilities

    Our cafeteria and computer facilities are top-notch. Classes are done in UTM Kuala Lumpur’s dedicated commercial computer lab, so you know it’s good.

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    Lifelong Learning

    It’s common for previous participants to come and seek for our help. We never refused. Keeps us updated in the industry’s activities.

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    Training Customization

    In some rare cases, we do provide customization to our syllabus to cater to the needs of our customers. Our instructors and training manager can discuss this with you.

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    Frequent Class Sessions

    We release our schedules publicly, and always announce any changes (if there is any) earlier, so that you can plan ahead. Schedules are released quarterly.

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