Fusion 360 Certified User Short Course

Course Description

1. Fusion 360 One Day Bootcamp + 3D Printing

This course is designed to introduce Fusion 360 as the go-to rapid prototyping tool for industries in Malaysia. Fusion 360 is a very powerful and cost-effective tool. Almost similar to SolidWorks, existing user will find it easy to migrate their SolidWork files to the new Fusion 360 environment. Perform 3D modeling for new design concepts and then subject it to built-in testings such as stress analysis and then perform CAD/CAM simulation altogether in no more than one software. Generate CNC machine codes for manufacturing or if you’re worried that it’s not gonna be good, try and 3D-print it first directly from the software. In this training, we will train you on the basics of 3D modeling within Fusion 360’s environment, using A360 account for worksharing and lastly, 3D printing using Fusion 360. Come join. Get to the next level of manufacturing and product design. This training comes with the complementary Certificate of Completion from Autodesk.

Suitable for students and newcomers to the technical drawing industry. With that being said, we offer special discounts for this training for currently active students. Let us know if you need one.

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2. Fusion 360 3D Modelling and Product Design

Specifically tailored for manufacturers and product designers/engineers, this course is a much detailed version of the bootcamp, with more emphasis on adapting existing CAD drawing techniques and producing your models together with the complementing construction drawing, at the same time stepping up your game by exposing you to the tools for post design analyses such as CAD/CAM simulation, stress test and plethora of other simple yet efficient toolkits within the Fusion 360 environment. Not to forget, we will also include everything taught in 3D Printing bootcamp into this training, as well as the complementary Autodesk Official Certificates.

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Working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows® Vista, Microsoft® Windows® XP, or Microsoft® Windows® 2000.

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Fusion 360 One Day Bootcamp + 3D Printing

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Fusion 360 3D Modelling and Product Design

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