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Learn how to create accurate foundation plans and framing plans, with details such as brace frames and trusses, with Revit Structure. Starting with referencing an architectural model, proceed to create your grids, set up views, add foundations, rebar, and framing, and create slopes, slabs, trusses, elevator pits, and a whole lot more. This course caters to members with little to no experience with Revit, as well as more advanced users that want to just jump to a topic of interest and start from there. Either way, this comprehensive course will teach you what you need to know to master Revit Structure.

Suitable for Civil Engineers and Mechanical Engineers involved in construction. Perform various BIM-relevant tasks using the easy to learn and use Autodesk Revit Structure interface.

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Join our courses and get at least one Certificate of Completion from Autodesk, and if you sit for the Professional Examination and passes it, get ready to have your name printed on the Certified Professional Certificate AND have your name registered in the internationally recognized Autodesk Certified Professional database. Also, get your own private tags that you can embed in your email that will link to your profile, just to let everyone know that you’re a Certified Professional.

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Course Syllabus

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Working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® 7, Microsoft® Windows® Vista, Microsoft® Windows® XP, or Microsoft® Windows® 2000. Basic understanding on technical drawing and architecture is highly appreciated.

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