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Course Description – Revit Preview

This course is designed for beginners and people who are not familiar with any BIM Tools. It is also highly recommended for management and administrative staffs to help them cooperate and adapt to the new environment of Building Information Modeling. This course gives business owners, project managers, clients, project commissioners to know what to expect and how things are done in BIM. Explore the possibilities and get help in deciding your vision and objectives upon the employment of this new technology.

For technical professionals, this course can be useful as it is the gateway course for you to decide the immediate knowledge needed for you to acquire and apply directly to your current project as soon as possible.

Our Autodesk Certified Professionals will be present throughout the sessions and are happy to consult you on which product or services suit you best going forward. Know more about the training services, the expectations, levels of standards and more in this course. Hands-on exercises and demonstrations will be conducted as well, and is operable by anyone regardless of experience.

See Autodesk Revit and the Autodesk BIM workflow in the bigger picture. Observe why it can make your jobs easier. Experience it. Then decide.

To register, simply click the button below and type ‘Revit Preview‘ in the Subject box and your company’s name with the number of attendees in the ‘Your Message‘ box, as shown in the image below. Our support team will reply to you shortly after you submit.

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What’s in store for you

Join our courses and get at least one Certificate of Completion from Autodesk. Our certificates are legitimate, provided and endorsed by Autodesk Inc, USA. No laptops needed, we provide everything for you.

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